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Addressing the issue of Homelessness

Our mission is to provide food, shelter, and assistance to individuals transferring out of homelessness. It is our goal to meet each guest where they are at in their struggle and provide them with the tools necessary to become self-sufficient, independent members of our community. We provide food, emergency 24/7 shelter services, mail/phone service, laundry, and most importantly guest advocacy for guests to work on individualized housing plans Room at the Inn are our Warming Center located at 447 W Washington.


Warming Center

The Warming Center provides a warm and friendly location for shelter guests to gather before heading out for the day. Everyday we serve a breakfast,, lunch and dinner to our guests at our Warming Center as well as guest advocacy to assist guests in finding jobs, housing, contact with other human service agencies.

You can make a difference!

Spreading Happiness

Room at the Inn offers 24/7 services for both night and daytime shelter. Contact 906-225-1521 for Shelter information


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